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Your Brain Is Lazy: Political Psychology for Dummies

Your brain is lazy. Really lazy. The vast majority of us are ‘misers with our brains’. Therefore, you need to make it easy for people to change lanes. Because people find it difficult to comprehend the large amounts of information that flow towards us daily. This applies both to ordinary people and to the people who largely set the framework for our lives, namely politicians, civil servants and experts. And that leads to not so rational justifications behind political decisions. But what does that mean? Yes, you can become smarter about cheating your lazy brain on a daily basis, so that both the individual and the organization make better decisions. A checklist of missteps is essential to be aware of when making important decisions. And then you can use the insights from political psychology to gain a competitive advantage – such as a municipality, interest organization or NGO – because you know what it takes for citizens and users to make new choices.

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