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Sigge Winther

Sigge Winther Nielsen has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Copenhagen. He has lived in the USA for several years as a Fulbright visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York and Berkeley, University of California.


Sigge has previously been a political analyst on the daily newspaper Politiken and a TV news host on the Danish National Broadcasting, DR2 Deadline. In addition, he has worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance. Today he is an author and a public speaker.

Sigge is (co)author to these books: “Om Politisk Tæft” (2008), “Politisk Psykologi – fordi politik er personligt” (2009), “Projekt Løkke” (2010), “Politisk Marketing” (2011) og “Marketized Politics” (2013), ”Entreprenørstaten” (2021), ”Vilde Problemer” (2023) og ”Wild Problems in Western Democracies (2024)”


In his academic work, he has published a number of national and international scientific articles. In addition, he has been a peer-reviewer in international scientific journals, such as Electoral Studies, International Political Science Review, Journal of Political Marketing and Political Psychology.