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Political branding

All organizations have a brand. Whether they want it or not. A brand is determined by all of us who go outside and look into the organization. The small associations, moods, feelings and thoughts we associate with a person, an institution or a country come together like a DNA code we can all recognize from a long distance. A brand is therefore absolutely essential for one’s shopping opportunities. A fire can slow or boost. Political organizations – such as NGOs, trade unions, interest organisations, parties or public organizations – can work just as seriously and professionally with branding as private companies. They just often don’t. Hear how you can build, develop and measure a political organisation’s brand. It’s easier than you think – and it can help to solve the wildest problems that your organization is struggling with.

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With humor and perspective as clues, I hold a number of talks in Denmark and abroad. They are based on my books, research and contacts with insiders in the political realm of the western world. 


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