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Sigge Winther

I’m a bastard. With one leg placed in several species – from civil servant to media person via research and trade union movement. I zoom in on the wild problems in our society – i.e. those that are entangled in other problems and where the solutions are rarely particularly tame.


Understanding and shaping the wild problems is the recipe for moving in the future. There is a sea of ​​tools that can be activated by you and your organization. Learn about them to solve problems we’ve been fumbling with for years.


Book me for a workshop or a lecture. I have experience from home and abroad, from large stages to smaller groups.


Sigge is a former TV host at the Danish National Broadcasting, DR2 Deadline. He has a Ph.D. in political science with several years as a visiting scholar at Berkeley, University of California, and Columbia University, New York.


In 2024 I publish a new book. Here I interview world leaders on the “Wild Problems in Western Democracies”

My publications

Wild Problems Institute

Wild Problems Institute

Wild Problems

I am publishing a new book together with good people. The book is entitled Wild Problems and describes through models and cases how we can tackle the biggest challenges of our time.