Skift sprog:

The management of Aarhus Municipality asked me to give a presentation to their management group. They faced a series of wild problems that they had to be inspired to tackle in new ways. Across the organization, across society.


Sigge delivered an excellent presentation that focused on how we in Aarhus could work with society’s wild problems. With insight and humour, Sigge partly gave us a common understanding of the task and partly gave us a push to change the way we work. We left there with ideas for new collaborations across administrations, different financial systems and setting up partnerships with the outside world. It was the start of a major upheaval in the municipality, which will leave its mark on the citizens over the coming years.”


Martin Østergaard Christensen, City Director Aarhus Municipality

Danish Industry (DI) asked me to come by for a confidential boss meeting, where they were to look ahead to the latest trends in politics.


“I gave Sigge the thankless task of being the last feature of a long day. And he really delivered the goods with a razor-sharp political analysis, where Sigge put his vast knowledge of media, politics and central administration to use. A knowledge that was brought close to our everyday life. There was great enthusiasm for the presentation.”


Emil Fannike Kiær, Director DI

The Association of School Leaders asked me to give a presentation in front of 1800 participants at their annual meeting in Aalborg Kongres Center. A presentation that should both motivate to approach the management task differently – and not least set the tone for a pleasant day where all members are only gathered once a year.


“We wanted an inspiring presentation that framed the management task of the future. And we got that to a large extent. Sigge carved out the headmaster’s new room for maneuver with the “free municipality trials”, so it was clear which problems are ‘tamed’ and ‘wild’ in our work. With insight and empathy in our situation, we left with new motivation to tackle the ‘wild problems’. Sigge was able to angle his presentation in an impressive way so that it spoke directly into our slogan for the annual meeting: “Freedom flies – Grab it!”


Deputy chairman of the Association of School Leaders, Dorte Andreas